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Dallas, Wisconsin
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    Abby Normal
    Let's face it. Sometimes things in life just aren't as straightforward and simple as they first seem; instead, they turn out to be complex, intriguing and perhaps with a little luck, even slightly askew.

    Abby Normal is anything but ordinary, dull or what is considered "normal" in a beer. Rather, its extraordinary range of flavors and an uncommon depth of character make it what it is -" Abby Normal".
    Valkyrie's Abby Normal is a Tripel Abbey-style Ale brewed with Belgian Candi Sugar. Abby's complicated flavors are of sweet caramel malts, honey and molasses, accompanied by intricate notes of spice, and tart green apples with a floral hop garnish.

    Availability: Seasonal - Released in August
      Bottles: 12 oz.
      Kegs: 1/6 Barrels
    Style: Tripel Abbey-Style Ale
    Body: Medium
    Color: Brown/Amber
    Alcohol Content: 7.55%

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