The History of Valkyrie Brewing Company
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    Stop me if you heard this one before...

    There once was a computer programmer/nuclear engineer named Randy who decided that he wanted to start a brewery.

    So he says to Ann, "Hey, how about we brew some beer together?"

    Ann says back, "Well that'll be alright then, but we'd better get married first."

    And so, the two of them got hitched. It was a match made in Scandinavian heaven. They both had their very own lefse rolling pins and turning sticks to bring into the union. But most of all, they had a passion for making beer.

    Randy and Ann bought an old creamery building in Dallas, Wisconsin and they, with their two children; Jen then age 10 and Darren age 9, built a brewery. After over a year of renovations, they fired the kettle. It was a day of excitement (to finally be able to brew!) and trepidation; (a storm came through while they were brewing and knocked out the electricity) but being of stubborn Viking descent, they refused to give up, and battled on. Hours later, the power came back on and they brewed well into the fact, they are still brewing.

    Trivia: What was that first batch of beer that Randy and Ann brewed?

    Valkyrie Brewing Company, formally Viking Brewing Company, established in 1994, is the first microbrewery in Northwest Wisconsin. Its owners, Randy and Ann Lee have brought back that time-honored tradition of a local, family run brewery. They take pride in brewing a wide variety of unique and outstanding beers.


    Bottling Line

    Trivia answer: Mjd - the first Bracket brewed in the US.

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