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    Mjd is an ancient drink of the Vikings. Our Mjd is a cross between a mead, a honey wine and an ale. This beverage is so unique that there are only a few examples of it in the Unitied States. We were the first to brew a brackett in the U.S.

    Mead Bowl made by Losse Clay

    Mead is a powerful drink that was deeply integrated into the Vikings' religious and cultural lives. It lays at the very core of the fabric of Viking societies. According to Viking mythology, mead was created as a peace treaty between two warring factions of Norse gods.

    Because of this belief, mead was a prominent fixture in Norse culture. When Viking raiding bands came together as communities of warriors under the leadership of a chieftain, bonds of loyalty, fellowship, friendship, and blood brotherhood were established by toasting with mead. Oaths of solidarity were sworn and finalized with Mead.

    In Viking lore, after a wedding, the family and friends of the groom and bride would give the newlywed couple enough mead to last one month. (one Moon) to promote the birth of sons. This is where the term honeymoon comes from.

    The celebration and consumption of mead was a way to both commune with the gods and to build bonds amongst Viking communities. Their three main festivals were for the harvet, winter solstice, and summer solstice. The serving of mead itself was highly ritualized. Norse drank their mead from intricate drinking horns and mead bowls.
    Mjd is a Honey Bracket It is like a Mead - a honey wine only with malts added. Flavor is a sweet floral honey with delicate light caramel malts; notes of apple, orange, and clover ending with semi-tart tangy finish. Mjd is special to us because it was the first beer that we brewed.

    Availability: Limited
      Bottles: 22 oz.
    Body: Light
    Alcohol Content: 9%

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