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Dallas, Wisconsin
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       Night Wolf
In Norse Mythology, Fenrir, the son of the god Loki, took the form of a giant wolf. The other gods tricked him into being bound to a large stone slab to hold him captive because they feared that he would bring about the end of their reign. For it was foretold, "There are many men in Valhalla yet they will seem too few when the great wolf comes. The sun and the moon will be swallowed; the stars will disappear from the sky; the earth will shake violently, uprooting trees and destroying mountains; the fetters that bind Fenrir will snap freeing him to usher in Ragnarök, the end of time."

To this day, securely bound, Fenrir remains. On clear, quiet nights, you can hear Fenrir's cries of anger as he tries to free himself and see the glow of his breath as it pulsates across the sky illuminating the northern horizon.

Night Wolf is a German Schwartz beer (black beer) Sweet chocolaty nose with slightly spiced notes up front leading to maple and molasses flavors and a hint of nuts with a quick dry finish.

Availability: Seasonal - Released in February
    12 oz Bottles
    Kegs: 1/6
Style: German Schwartz Beer
Body: Light
Color: Black
Alcohol Content: 4%

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